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QP Industries Sdn Bhd Manufacturing Process And Technology

In order to ensure consistent and unsurpassed high quality Our manufacturing process is constantly undergo transformation and improvement activity due to the challenges arising from the continual need of enhancing productivity, the strict requirement of quality output and the persistent expectation of zero downtime.

Traditionally, a "top-down" approach has been used in manufacturing. However we have begun exploring "bottom-up" approaches, aimed to improve process efficiency and product quality.

We also aim to improve current and future manufacturing processes by research, development and implementation of state-of-the-art manufacturing mechanism and encouraging innovation for developing new and efficient processes.

The following areas are our main target for future enhancement:

Advanced manufacturing processes, including mechanical, raw material and mixing processes.
Quality control in real time and post production random verification by independent third party.
Rapid production through automation and minimal manual involvement.
Manufacturing process monitoring, control and mechanisation.
Improve employees skill, knowledge and ability to perform task through highly specialized courses, training and on the job coaching.