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Quality Control & Assurance

QP Industries Sdn. Bhd.  is committed to the manufacturing of superior products based on our strict policy and with “Quality Assurance Is Priority One” as a motto, for ensuring total customer satisfaction.  We implement scheduled quality assurance activities through “QA Audit,” “Lab test analysis” and “controlled process with inspection,” to establish superior output with scientific approval and quality control, based on the standard quality assurance system.

QA/QC System

  • Process control: Statistical process control and other process control system including: Calibration of sensors, change control, and log of data collected to support traceability
  • Materials qualification: List of materials used in production; qualification program, process, criteria (properties tracked), and records for each of these materials
  • In-line testing: Test and measurements of completed in process material, output of these measurements, log of data collected
  • Factory inspection procedure: Frequency of inspection, manufacturing lines inspection, and evaluation criteria
  • Traceability: Documentation from ingot to module shipment; maintenance of records to trace future failures, ID marking of modules
  • Scientific test schedule: Lab-test qualification or other module-level testing, log of data
  • Warranty return program: Documentation of number of returns, identified failures, and corrective actions
  • Audit: Internal/external audit program including factory audit procedures and retest of qualified product.